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 Arab Codes
  Egypt / Jordan / Iraq / Qatar / Libya / Saudi Arabia / Lebenon
  Kingdom of Bahrain / Marco / Semolina / Kuwait / Tunisia / Yemen
 Africa Codes
  South Africa / Kenya / Tanzania / Chad / Nigeria / Ethiopia / Uganda
 European Codes
  Germany / Netherlands / Romania / Italy / Sweden / Malta / France
  Denmark / Austria / Hungary / Norway / United Kingdom / Russia
 Asia Codes
Pakistan / India
 Arab Codes
   Date of Signature 25/3/1962
   Agreement valid since 3/4/1963
   Implemented by both Countries
   Ratified in 21/8/1975
   Signed in 22/5/1976
   Implemented by Sudan Only
   Final Signature in 12/11/1974
   Was implemented by both sides
   Flight stopped due to Gulf war
   Final Signature in 9/3/1998
   Implemented by both Sudan and Qatar
   Signed at Khartoum in 61/11/1973
   Was postponed since 1992
   Due to Security council Resolution No.748
   Saudi Arabia
   Singed in 2/10/1972
   Amended many times
   Implemented by both Countries
   Singed in 2/9/1972
   Deposited in October 1978 at ICAO
   Postponed in 28/1/1995
   Kingdom of Bahrain
   Ratified in 14/7/1978
   Sudan Air was nominated by Sudan
   Implemented by Bahrain (Gulf Air)
   Signed in 24/6/1974
   Deposited at ICAO under article No. 3435 in 10/2/1989
   Not implemented by both states
   Flights stopped due to gulf war
   Initially signed in 8/11/1974
   Ratified in 26/2/1977
   Not implemented by both states
   Signed in 7/3/2000
   Not implemented by both states
   Initial Signature in 26/10/1980
   Tunis- Air stopped flights to Khartoum
   Siged in 1989
   Implemented by both states
 Africa Codes
   South Africa
   Initially signed in 20//4/1994
   Not Ratified yet
   Was implemented by Sudan only
   Flights Postponed by both states
   Initially Signed in 23/9/1978
   Annex to Agreement was amended in December 1994
   Implemented by both states
   Initially signed in 11/4/1974
   Implemented by Sudan Air for a short period then stopped
   Was not implemented by Sudan Country
   Initially signed in 19/2/1966
   Implemented by Sudan Air
   Stopped many times
   Implemented in 1972 and stopped
   Till 1984 - Now Chad Airline is not operating
   Initially signed in 16/11/1976
   Amended twice last time in 5/11/1980
   Implemented by Sudan only
   Signed in 2/1964
   Again Signed in 4/4/1993
   Now implemented by Ethiopia side only
   Signed between Sudan and Uganda in 24/8/1678
   Implemented by Sudan Only
   Flight postponed between Countries
 European Codes
   Signed in Bonn in 11/8/1976
   Ratified in 29/1/1983
   Implemented by German Country only
   Signed in 11/8/1983
   Amended in 29/1/1983
   Was implemented by Dutch Country (KLM)
   Signed in Bucharest in 13/5/1983
   Adopted by peoples Council Article (10)
   Ratified in 6/12/1983
   Was not implemented by both countries
   Singed in 4/9/1975
   Ratified in 6/12/1977
   Published officially in 10/1/1979
   Not implemented by both Countries
   Ratified and singed in 17/2/1975
   Deposited at ICAO under article (797)
   Scandinavian Airlines used to operate its flights a cordoning to this agreement
   Initially singed in Malta in 6/11965
   Implemented for a short period by Sudan and now stopped
   Singed in 4/2/1977
   Air France used to operate flights to Sudan
   Air France stopped in 1995
   Singed in 11/5/1959
   A Special protocol with the agreement gives the right to airlines nominated
   by Denmark to operate flight Cairo/ Khartoum/Jeddah
   Signed in 14/1/1986
   Not ratified till now
   Not implemented by both Countries
   Initially singed at Budapest in 27/9/1966
   Ratified by Council of Ministers in 23/3/1971
   Not implemented by both Countries
   Initially signed at Cairo in 10/2/1958
   Signed in 5/4/1959
   Published in an annex to official Gazette no 934 in 5/6/1959
   Valid since 10/8/1959
   Not Implemented now
   United Kingdom
   Singed in 16/1/1969
   B. A. stopped flights in 31/12/1990
   British Mediterranean begin flight to Sudan in 2004
   Sudan Air Operate flights to London
   Implemented by both sides
   Signed in 20/10/1962
   Protocol Amending the agreement In 1965 and ratified in 1967
   After the new Government of Russian Federation, Aeroflot was
   nominated as the Russian National Carrier
   Was implemented by Russia but Aeroflot deceased it flight
   from three weekly to one then stopped
 Asia Code
   Initially signed at Karachi in 19/4/1973
   Signed in 23/2/1975
   Ratified in 5/5/1981
   Deposited at ICAO in 22/9/1981
   Sudan Air operated its flight in 5/7/1993
   stopped in 30/6/1994
   PIA never operated any flight to Sudan
   There was bilateral agreement before independence between
    Sudan and India and now cancelled
   The two Countries negotiated in 9/10/1995 but no agreement was reached
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