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 Our Vision
» Developing civil aviation industry in Sudan by insuring the safety and security of the Sudanese sky, airports and aerodromes.
» Boost civil air transport operations in the country.
» Provide high quality of aviation activities that comply with the standards and recommended practices of the ICAO.
» Conduct studies, researches and plans to achieve model set of aviation services in the continent.
Major-General Eng.
Abu Baker Gaafar
Director General C.A.A.
  Our Mission
1. Laying the basic infrastructures for safe, secure and reliable aeronautical industry and business in Sudan.
2. Sign bilateral, regional or international agreements in order to connect Sudan to the world and enable foreign airline companies to benefit from the air and land services in the Sudan.
3. Supervise the management and construction of airports, navigation and communication networks to suit international norms and standards approved by ICAO.
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