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Since is bound to take care of all the recent developments in the air transport industry, it was absolutely logical that CAA considers the geographical specificity of the Sudan as a vast county bordering so many neighboring states by constructing new airports and airdromes, providing all necessary safety equipments and modernizing aviation aids and air traffic services. The policy has been reflected in the following fields:  
1. AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network)
The network was installed in 1994 and was equipped with the most sophisticated computer devices in order to facilitate the exchange of flight information with the telecommunication center of neighboring countries.
2. Air traffic Control
This project aims at modernizing CAA equipment so as to cope with satellite communication and navigation systems (CNS\ATM) which are adopted by ICAO.
3. Air navigation Equipment
The Sudanese airports have been equipped with "ILS" and DME/VOR systems beside the Khartoum airport radar which is the first civil radar in the Sudan together with an air control unit to test the efficiency of the different equipment.
4. International Airports
Because CAA has always been endeavoring to bring to existence an airport that reflects the true face of the Sudan. It has allocated great attention to Khartoum Airport so it can rank within the international airports. In the context, the following rehabilitation works have been carried out:
  A new tarmac extension has been built together with the rehabilitation of the runway and the construction of a new traffic corridor in accordance with international norms.
  New powerful projectors have been installed in the new and old tarmacs in addition to the expansion of the Departures & Arrivals halls in order to cope with the increasing passenger and cargo air traffic together with the installation of a highly advanced digital security system in Khartoum Airport. Further more, CAA is elaborating plans to establish new international airports in order to respond to the increasing air transport traffic from all the corners of the world. The following airports have been already completed in the following Sudanese towns. Port Sudan, Dongala, Al Obayid, Al Fashir, Nyala, Malkal.
5. Regional Airports
Regional airports aim at connecting the various area of Sudan to the centre in order to enhance socio-economic development. The following towns have already got airport and aerodromes: Halfa, AlDabba, Marawi, Atbara, Kassala, ElGadaref, Alazaza, Juba, Aljineina, AbuHamad, Hijleej.
6. The New Khartoum International Airport.

Due to air traffic jams and in order to cope with the increasing air transport traffic, CAA has decided to carry out studies to construct a new airport at 40 km to the south of Oumdurman on the area of 79 km2.
A special technical bureau and a consultant have been appointed to work under the supervision presided over by the state Presidency.

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