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  Civil Aviation Training Institute
The institute was established in, 1970. It is located at about 2 Kilometers west of Khartoum Airport. Its area is about 4000 square meters. It was meant to train aerodromes officers in airport administration and fire officers in fire fighting and rescue services.
In 1976 the school of air traffic services was added to the institute where another block at the southern end of the institute was built to accommodate the class rooms, staff offices, language laboratory, the audiovisual aids section and the ATC simulator. This expansion was with assistance from the ICAO.
In 1983 under another project from ICAO a building of two storeys was added at the western area which accommodates the school of airways engineering with staff offices laboratories and classrooms it also accommodates the school of telecom operations.
All these schools were provided with necessary facilities and well trained staff at that time. A third building of two floors was added in 1987 at eastern end which accommodates administration, final affairs section, classroom and some offices.
 Schools and Sections
Administrative & Finance.
Academic & Training affairs.
Audio Visual Aids.
Registration Section
School of Languages.
School of Airports management.
School of Air traffic services.  
School of Airways engineering.  
School of Islamic culture.  
School of Computer Science.  
School of Aviation Security.  
 Nature of Training
There are two kinds of training, long term courses where the student gets a diploma in the specialization field. There are also short courses where the trainee gets a certificate in the relevant field. The training include both theory & practical Besides the regular courses stated in the training schedule the institute runs courses according to the needs of the different departments of the Civil Aviation Authority (i.e. non scheduled programs).
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