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   The New Khartoum International Airport  
  The government of the Sudan has decided to replace the current Khartoum international airport located in the city center by establishing anew international airport (KINA).

The new airport is considered as one of the vital projects with physical strategic dimension within the developmental and local polices .The project represents a focal point due to it's impacts on urban and construction composition , since the expected economic and physical transformations are considered strong motives to carry out the implementation of the project according to the international standards in designing execution , financing and operational systems which make it a facility with future technical and economic feasibility .All the pervious physical plans have agreed that the current site of Khartoum international airport have been overcome by the urbanization growth and constitutes a barrier for the interaction of moreover , the site represent a threat both to aviation safety and physical security standard. They have also agreed that the physical composition of the capital.
  The project is located approx. 34- 40 km south of Omdurman and 5 km at the western side of the white Nile .The airport fenced area estimated to 1.500.000 ha .The initial design is based on an annually transport of 6.500.000 passengers beside cargo that can be extended to higher figures during the future.
 Airport Facilities and Utilities
  The Khartoum New international Airport (KINA) will be equipped with all facilities and utilities for smooth and modern airport operation.
The airport has two runways each one 4.000m length and 60m width with 2000 m between them and aprons for aircrafts parking and servicing.
 A passenger terminal
  3 level building with appr.70.000 sqm gross area besides 10 contact gates with passengers boarding bridges.
 Future Three (3) different terminals
  Separate Hajj (pilgrimage) terminals. The terminal can be used as multi purposed internationals terminal. In addition to presidential and general aviation terminals.
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