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 About C.A.A.
C.A.A Was first established in 1936. It used to be part of the administrative secretary's office during the colonialism.
Its main task was to discharge all transit & landing operations
whereas British companies used to carry out all sorts of technical
services until the independence of the Sudan in 1956.
After the compilation of the "Sudan station process" the public sector had to be actively involved in the economic life of the country. So, the Civil Aviation department (C.A.D) was established under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, Telecommunications and Tourism. The newly established department joined ICAO in the same year.
However, the aviation code and its accompanying regulation was issued in 1960, the same year; C.A.A was annexed to the ministry of Defense. 1985 with eased the creation of an independence body with the name of the Civil Aviation & Survey was established in 1995. Later the survey department was detached from the former ministry to establish the ministry of Aviation which comprises the Civil Aviation Authority (C.A.A.);
The departments of meteorology and the Sudan Airways Company. CAA's main tasks are to provide safety for planes construct airports and ensure high quality air transport services.
Further more C.A.A. is bound to abide by entire outline in accordance with the new aviation code of 1999 and on equal footing with the ICAO regulations and codes. The new code include all the pervious legislations which have to cope with the latest requirements and developments in the field of Civil Aviation which consist of constructing, operating controlling airport, issuing, licenses to passenger or cargo airlines, and training CAA's personal (Pilots, engineers, etc..).
This code is a law that governs all the CAA activities and responsibilities locally, regionally and internationally.
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